She Mentioned She’sn’t Looking Anyone. Do I need to Progress or perhaps be Patient?

Reader Question:

I’ve recognized this girl for about couple seeks man of years today (let’s call this lady Ariel). We became great friends.

I discovered Ariel dumped the woman sweetheart, thus I noticed this as my personal opportunity to move in. We were texting each other and that I wound up telling the girl the way I believed. She mentioned, “i am sorry easily mislead you, but I’m not actually interested in any individual at this time.”

Ought I merely attempt to proceed, or can I show patience, expect the woman for over the woman break up and then try to be truth be told there on her behalf?

-Derryck (Pennsylvania)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Response:

Dear Derryck,

Very first mistake was actually texting crucial feelings. It offered the girl an easy out. It is simpler to type terms of getting rejected rather than state them.

On the next occasion, convey more face and telephone some time do a bit of enjoyable tasks that’ll maybe not appear to be classic times. Then you’ll definitely know by her visual communication and the entire body vocabulary if she really likes you.

As for this gal, sorry to break it for you, nevertheless probably blew it.

The single thing you could do now could be act indifferent to her and go out along with other girls. She might observe you haven’t already been observing the lady, which could peak her interest.

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